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Call for expert on digital skills in creative sector

In the context of a new phase of the Creative Skills Europe project UNI Europa – media, entertainment and arts (EURO-MEI) is recruiting an expert to help prepare three European thematic webinars to be held in 2020/2021 and to draft a report on skills’ development in the digital environment and its impact on training and employment in the live performance and audiovisual sectors (to be published in 2021).

The expert will be contracted on a freelance basis for 40 days of work between July 2020 and October 2021. The value of the contract is up to EUR 27.000 €,- all taxes and duties included. Application letters with a detailed CV should be submitted by June 30th 2020 by email to

Interviews with short listed candidates will be carried out in July 2020. The successful candidate should be available for an immediate start and will participate in the next online meeting of the project steering committee (summer 2020).

The Project Expert’s main tasks will include

  • participating in the project steering committee meetings (online) and, when executing his tasks, working in close coordination/consultation with the members of the committee and the project coordinator;
  • undertaking desk research on the topics of the workshops (artificial intelligence and how it shapes work and employment in the audiovisual and live performance sectors; digital content production and dissemination on online platforms; streaming of live events, and any other related topics as defined by the project steering committee) and drafting preparatory briefings ahead of each workshops;
  • participating in the three European thematic workshops to be organised online (webinars) or, if not in the form of a webinar, to be held physically in Brussels in 2021 (one-day events);
  • drafting a report after each European thematic workshop and then integrating the three reports in a final report to be validated and endorsed by the Steering Committee.

Required expertise includes:

  • Solid knowledge of the digital transformations in the cultural and creative sectors and of the impact of those transformations in terms of skills, competences, organisation of work, occupations, etc.;

The successful applicant is likely to have:

  • Experience of European project work and/or working in a European or international context;
  • Proven drafting ability in English;
  • Education to university degree level;
  • Experience of work with social partner organisations (trade unions and employers) at national or international level in the live performance, audiovisual or other sectors;

The successful applicant must be ready and able to:

  • Carry out the required research and review work on his/her own initiative according to the methodology and timetable agreed;
  • Carry out his/her own administrative work;
  • Work on his/her own and with the project coordinator and members of the project steering committee as required.

: In principle the expert will work from his/her home office. He/ She should be established in one of the EU countries. All project meetings in 2020 will be held online. If the general context related to the COVID-19 pandemic allows, some trips to Brussels in 2021 for project meetings and events might be required. All expenses related to such travel will be drawn from the project budget and has no impact on the expert fee mentioned above.

Project: Fostering social dialogue on skills to adapt to digitisation in the European Audiovisual and Live Performance sectors (VS 2020/0013)

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