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CPNEF AV (Cologo cpnef av resizedmmission Paritaire Nationale Emploi Formation Audiovisuel / National Bipartite Committee on Employment and Training for the Audiovisual sector) was created in 2004 following the adoption of a new legislative framework on professional training in France. It is governed by social partners and financed by a levy on wages. The activities of the Committee are fed by the technical support of the ‘Observatory on Audiovisual Professions’ hosted by Afdas (Fonds d’assurance formation des secteurs de la culture, de la communication et des loisirs – Insurance training fund for the culture, communication and entertainment sectors).

The CPNEF AV publishes studies and thematic reports. It also publishes online employment and training information, occupational profiles, web documentaries on occupations, and a panorama of the AV professional training offer in France. It launches ad hoc initiatives to respond to sectoral needs. It has, for example, participated in the setting-up of a regional platform supporting the reconversion of the technical industries and initiated the establishment of new qualification certificates for radio presenters, machinists and digital conservation professionals.

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