Creative Skills Europe

Skills for tomorrow

The evolution of the occupations and of the skills needs in the Audiovisual and Live Performance sectors are, like in many other sectors, not happening in a vacuum. They are strongly linked to broader transformations that need to be understood and addressed if skills development schemes are to be relevant in the long term, both to support the development of organisations and to secure individual careers.

From February 2017 till January 2019 Creative Skills Europe will look at some of the key trends affecting the creative and cultural sectors today, and identify which initiatives should be taken to offer relevant responses in terms of training opportunities.

The project will organise four thematic workshops focusing on:
•The new business models and work organisation in the audiovisual and live performance sectors and the role of social dialogue (27-28 June 2017, London, UK)
• Human resources and career management (November 2017, dates tbc, Brussels, Belgium)
• The digital environment and the diversification of training tools (March 2018, dates tbc, Germany)
• Collective bargaining and social dialogue on skills and career development in the AV & LP sectors (May 2018, Paris, France)

After each workshop, resources and outputs will be shared to a broader audience through the Creative Skills Europe website and the communication channels of the network of the partners.

A European Conference (Autumn 2018) will present the final results and outputs of the project, and envisage any further steps.

If you would like to get involved or share information, please don’t hesitate to contact us