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Sociaal Fonds Podiumkunsten

Sociaal Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten (SFP) is the ‘Social fund for the live performance sector in Flemish-speaking Belgium’. It redistributes levies for risk groups agreed upon in a sector collective agreement. It exists since the 1990s and is governed by sectoral social partners.

SFP’s main activities consist of identifying sectoral training needs, organizing short-term trainings and redistributing training grants. It manages a sectoral supplementary pension established in 2006 and other sectoral financial benefits like eco-vouchers. Since 2009 it also manages a career counseling center for performing artists. It publishes employment and training information on its website (job bank, information on public schemes, internship opportunities, etc.) and established a list of competence profiles for sectoral occupations. Thanks to its management role of sectoral financial benefits it has access to a large pool of employment data.

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