Creative Skills Europe

Paris workshop, 4-5 June 2018

The fourth Creative Skills Europe thematic workshop took place at the National Centre for Danse (CND – Centre National de la Danse) in Paris (Pantin) on the 4th and 5th of June 2018.

This meeting entitled ‘The role of social partners and of social dialogue in enhancing access to training in the European Audiovisual and Live Performance sectors’ focused on initiatives put in place across Europe, through social dialogue frameworks or other types of partnerships between unions and employers, to enhance skills’ development for sector professionals.

During the first day the following questions were addressed:

• In countries where sector professionals have access to lifelong training, in what kind of partnerships are those schemes rooted?
• Which schemes are the results of collective bargaining agreements and what do those agreements foresee?
• If initiatives came to be outside of social dialogue frameworks, what is their funding and partnership models and how important is public funding?

During the second day participants continued the exchange of practices, showcasing concrete examples of training schemes piloted by social partners: apprenticeships programmes, in-company training initiatives, professional qualifications or ad hoc training programmes jointly developed by employers and unions.



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