Creative Skills Europe

Webinar 2: To produce or not to produce is never the question

This webinar, the second of a trilogy, looked at digital skills and tools in the PRODUCTION process.

As new digital, hybrid, live, online, VR, paperless, interactive content production processes have gone ‘viral’, have you ever wondered what happens backstage? Which new tools can be used to tell great stories – even against all odds?

We gave the floor to professionals, pioneers in their field. We discovered through their ‘real life’ experiences and insights how they acquired their digital skills and put them into practice. The goal was to inspire participants to start experimenting and learning new SMART skills.

For its second digital skills webinar, Creative Skills Europe was proud to welcome an exceptional line-up of speakers:


Wim Vermost – Belgium
Design & Engineering Manager at VRT (the public broadcaster of the Flemish Community in Belgium) and former IP based studios lead at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

‘Behind the scenes of a hybrid cloud production’

SMART SKILLS: How to produce a “cloud based” hybrid event with a mix of virtual and live actions for the biggest sports and entertainment shows. And how those practices are spreading in the music and live entertainment industries.

Wim Vermost recently moved from  to VRT as a Design & Engineering Manager. Prior to this role, he was the topic lead on the transition to IP based studios at EBU. Willem has a master degree in electronic engineering and a master in applied computer science. He acted as deputy board member of the AMWA and the JT-NM admin group.


Victor Agulhon – France
CEO & Founder of Targo, an Emmy® nominated virtual reality media company

From Paris Opera to Notre Dame, VR documentaries and immersive storytelling at its best

SMART SKILLS: How a journalist and a tech person came together to create award winning immersive documentaries.

Victor Agulhon is together with Chloe Rochereuil, the cofounder and CEO of TARGO. Their work focuses on making VR more accessible and mainstream through experiences on stories that speak to everyone. TARGO is an immersive journalism organisation. With a team of journalists they produce 360° videos, virtual reality news reports and documentaries.


Ralph Kühnl – Germany
CEO of Rhein-Neckar Fernsehen & TV-Produktion GmbH

The automated newsroom production of tomorrow

SMART SKILLS: The new skills a Regional TV channel had to learn to create news anywhere, anytime. The story of embracing new ‘end-to-end’ digital production tools that can be used for any type of audiovisual productions.

Ralph joined the Rhein-Neckar Fernsehen in 1996. He learned television at SWR and thanks to seven years of freelance work at Mannheimer Morgen he knew Mannheim and the region very well. The work at a comparatively small broadcaster like RNF is extremely varied, that means a new challenge every day. He is today the CEO of RNF.

The webinar combined presentations and group discussions. At the end of the webinar, and after a break, participants were also offered the opportunity to network using an innovative online tool.

During the plenary sessions, simultaneous interpretation in English, French and Spanish was available.

The Creative Skills Europe webinar series is curated by Trees De Bruyne.