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Gender equality, AV sector, France

The study published by the ‘French Observatory of Audiovisual Occupations’ looks at the inequalities between men and women in the perspective of their professional career paths. Commissioned to the Centre for sociological and political studies Raymond-Aron (EHESS-CNRS), the study presents the results of two years of investigation (2013-2015) in career dynamics, and mobility between sectors and professions.

… differences between men and women are not spectacular. Inequalities exist – women are often under-represented in the most successful career paths and over-represented in the situations of great insecurity -, but they are the result of a combination of factors quietly discriminating” says Ionela Roharik, one of the three authors of the study, with Janine Rannou and Vincent Cardon.

The study is only available in French.

Visit the CPNEF AV’s website to download the full study and other accompanying documents (press kit, executive summary, etc.).

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