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German Theatre Technical Society

The German Theatre Technical Society (Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft, DTHG) was founded in 1907. It is a professional association for anyone working in the technical, technical/artistic and artistic fields of overall cultural production, regardless of whether they are employed, freelance, self-employed, theatres, institutions, educational establishments or companies. The DTHG is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and is an independent professional association.

The DTHG promotes qualifications, training and continuing education for all technical and artistic careers in scenery, costumes and production. The DTHG also promotes the academic development and the practical use of technology and equipment in theatres, television and film production studios, multi-purpose halls and other meeting places. The DTHG gathers and disseminates technical information for the operation, planning, construction and equipping of institutions in this area of media. The DTHG is an intermediary between art and technology.

The DTHG organises a stage technology conference (BTT) every two years. This conference acts as a meeting point where specialists can exchange experiences, learn from each other and pass on information about what’s new in the industry. In the intervening years, the DTHG is the sponsor of the Stage|Set|Scenery trade fair, in charge of the congress series.

The DTHG operates and promotes the organisation of specialist seminars and courses for qualifications, training and continuing education. The DTHG provides lecturers for specialised teaching on professional development seminars. The DTHG supports the national and international recognition of existing professions and collaborates during the revision of training procedures.

The DTHG is a member of the International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT) and collaborates with various international committees.

The DTHG also leads European projects such as the European Theatre Technicians Education (ETTE) project, ran with five partner associations from Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden, and aimed at determining the aspects of the professional qualification relevant to health and safety    and at developing an internationally comparable level and standards.

For more information, visit the DTHG’s website

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