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Final publication now available

Creative Skills Europe’s final publication entitled Trends and skills in the European audiovisual and live performance sectors has been finalised and is available for download and broad dissemination.

The report, building on the outcomes of the three Creative Skills Europe’s meetings organised in Tallinn, Prague and Madrid in 2015 and 2016, collects existing data and qualitative analyses on the trends at work in the audiovisual and live performance sectors, analyses their impact on sector skills needs, and puts them in a European perspective in order to identify gaps in information, initiate discussions on key trends, and identify priorities for action.

In chapter I, the report presents quantitative data on the sector employment market in 8 EU countries. In chapter II, a literature review of national qualitative studies and surveys outlines the main trends that impact the skills needs of the European audiovisual and live performance workforce. Chapter III highlights concrete examples of initiatives tested across Europe to identify and address sector skills needs. Finally, the report puts forward conclusions and recommendations for further actions at European and national levels in the skills development field.

French and Spanish versions of this publication and of its executive summary are currently in preparation and will be available after the summer. The executive summary will also be available in Italian and German.

In the meatime you can dowload Creative Skills Europe’s final publication in English here: Trends and skills in the European audiovisual and live performance sectors.

You can also download the English and French versions of the executive summary of the report.

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