Creative Skills Europe

A new phase of activities

Creative Skills Europe, the European platform for Employment and Training in the Audiovisual (AV) and Live Performance (LP) sectors, is a project led by European trade unions – EURO-MEI, FIA, FIM, EFJ – and employers’ organisations – EBU, Pearle* and CEPI – in cooperation with sector skills bodies from France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden (go here for the full list of partners).

After a first phase of activities in 2014-2016, Creative Skills Europe in spring 2017 resumed its activities in the context of a new EU-funded project and held a first meeting in London in June 2017.

Building up on the employment and skills trends identified by Creative Skills Europe in its first phase of activities (read our 2016 publication) the new project phase will deepen the sector partnerships around 4 priority topics:
(1) New business models and work organisation in the AV and LP sectors and the skills needed to support adaptation and innovation;
(2) Human resources and career management for skills development;
(3) The diversification of training tools in the digital environment and in support of work-based learning ;
(4) Solutions of collective bargaining, the role of social dialogue and of social partners for skills and career development.

Each topic will be researched and discussed during dedicated European workshops (London, Brussels, Berlin and Paris) and a series of tools and publications will be prepared after each workshop. A final conference (Göteber, Sweden – December 2018) will give an overview of the key issues identified in the course of the project, highlight innovative sector partnerships for skills development and offer a space of reflection for further sector initiatives at national and European levels. To feed our reflection resources will be regularly posted on our website and spread in our newsletter.

If you wish to contribute by sharing publications, examples of skills development initiatives or by highlighting concrete examples of skills gaps in our sectors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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