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How spot new technology

Creative Back-Enders

Challenge/problem to be solved

How to be informed of the emerging technologies that might impact your business models?

Skill Set

Being aware and understanding the potential impact of new technologies can be demanding and not accessible to everyone. Don’t hesitate to follow those whose business it is exactly to do this, like accelerators.

Digital Tools

Go to the resources below to get started and do give a look at, even though it might seem not too relevant to you because it is a general Tech News magazine. It is however the best spot to identify new trends and evolutions before they become mainstream. There you will be informed of Facebook new features, how Netflix is shifting gear, etc. or of new takeovers in the industry like concerning Disney + or other major platforms.

Tips on how to use the tool in the most efficient way

The list below is only a start. Map them and similar ones and sign up for their newsletters. Don’t hesitate to collect all relevant links in a google doc or an airtable. The Sandboxing methodology is a way to set-up collaborations with start-ups and test them out very fast. The advantage: you'll understand the 'tech slang' and what a solution is doing or not doing without any risk. Most of the time they have a standalone environment. You can dry run new solutions without interfering with your own production line. Don't ask for a lot of customization unless you're willing to pay, as a start-up needs to focus and is still looking for money all the time. Via investors or paying customers. But they need validation from the market and that is what you can give them. You used it and your insights are valuable.

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