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Retrospectives: looking back to move forward

Creative Back-Enders

Challenge/problem to be solved

Is there a digital tool to review and improve production processes?

Skill Set

It might be worthwhile to start with a course in agile project management to first review your own production process.

Digital Tools

Retrium: ‘Retrium enables agile teams to have effective conversations, discover new insights, and generate action plans.’

Tips on how to use the tool in the most efficient way

Although 'retrospective' is typical 'Agile' slang, it is a very useful step we tend to forget when doing project management. ‘Retrospective’ means looking back at the work done and reviewing it in a proper way. In an ideal digital world, you are developing in a step-by-step way. Via short 2 weeks sprints you build a small portion of your product, roll it out and test it fast. This tool helps you to manage this process. The value of reviewing is to optimize and work more efficiently.


Digital Tools:

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Trees De Bruyne


Organisation: Kwikzilver

Job title: Curator

Country: Belgium

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