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Learn new digital skills with our Learning cards

The ‘Learning cards’ platform is an initiative of the ‘Creative Skills Europe‘ partnership aimed at helping live performance and audiovisual professionals strengthen their digital skills.The learning cards will help you discover how other people in the creative industry are making good use of new (or not-so-new) ‘digital’ tools.

The learning cards also offer you an opportunity to share a bit of your own knowledge and give someone else a head start.

The learning cards have been created on the back of a research implemented while preparing the Creative Skills Europe’s series of webinars on digital skills.The webinars and the learning cards platform have been curated by Trees De Bruyne.

It is an experimental pilot tool that does not claim to be comprehensive and that will continue to be developed in the months and years to come. It has been designed as a mean for developing our collective knowledge, not as a commercial endeavor.

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