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Get the skills to create digital theatre

Creative Back-Enders

Challenge/problem to be solved

How to explore new creation paths that engage audiences online?

Skill Set

The skills set needed to create for online platforms combines technical skills (i.e., use and management of online platforms), audiences engagement skills (technics to interact with live online audiences) and artistic skills that open totally new fields to the imagination.

Digital Tools

There are different examples of live companies and venues around the world which decided to transition from physical to digital performance in the last months. Creation Theatre in the UK is one of them. During lockdown in 2020, researchers at the University of Exeter (UK) used one of their digital shows as a case study to support other companies in making the transition from physical to digital performance. A full report, digital toolkit and key findings is available for download on their website. If you’re looking for more inspiration. The European Theatre Lab has some great examples as well. The Theaterish website has a lot of resources to help you get started and give it a try yourself. And if you look for a one-stop solution to host your own projects go to For a deeper look at the challenges and opportunities of ‘Live arts in the virtualizing world’, you can read the report prepared by the IETM network based on a survey circulated among their members.

Tips on how to use the tool in the most efficient way

The report addresses the many key dimensions of the transition from physical to digital theatre (business model, the company’s administration, the impact on work processes including on the creative staff, audience development and marketing, etc.). Challenges when creating live interactive theatre are, of course, numerous and very often unexpected (noise on the side of the audience, reticence from some actors to engage in totally new practices, etc.) but rewards are there too! To know more and for a personal testimony, listen to the interview with Lucy Askew, CEO/Creative Producer at Creation Theatre, on the Creative Skills Europe's website.


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