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Unleash your potential and use gamification to brainstorm

Creative Back-Enders

Challenge/problem to be solved

How to use ‘gamification’ to unleash your creative potential and think out of the box.

Skill Set

You don’t need a lot of skills just find a fun tool and start using it.

Digital Tools

Gamification is a way to engage people in whatever business process you want. From HR to guided learning the mechanics of making things more fun helps a lot to motivate people. When it comes to adding gamification to your brainstorm session you will see that suddenly you tap into a new world. You can try some of the technics from HatRabbits, an agency for business creativity and innovation. The brainstorm cards from The Board of Innovation can help you find new business models. Cacoo offers tips & tricks such as a diagramming app that you can use to visualize ideas into reality. For more ideas, check out the best online brainstorm techniques to use remotely or look up the Brainstormer app.

Tips on how to use the tool in the most efficient way

We had the chance to have Bart Hufen as a speaker at one of our Creative Skills Webinars. He is a master of ‘gamification’ and with Brand New Game he is using gamification to help shape companies. Listening to this conversation will inspire you to start using ‘gamification’ techniques to engage with your team, your audience and determine your goals and business strategy.

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